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ChuanHai invested  high sea fishing in Indian

ChuanHai invested  high sea fishing in Indian

Snapped part of the aquaculture farm in

Snapped part of the aquaculture farm in

Our Resource

Our company HQ is based in Fujian,Pingtan where is separated from mainland China by the Haitan Strait and from Taiwan by the Taiwan Strait,being the closest part of the Chinese "mainland" to Taiwan Island. 
The special geographic location, makes Pingtan the strongest-wind-areas (severest-tide-area) in the Pacific, benefits its aquaculture with strong steam under sea level without human pollution, helping the long-historic fishing industry and seafood quality. 

1.    Abalone and Mussel,  
There are thousands of square km of sea area are idea for abalone and mussel aquaculture, non-pollution and deeper location, complementing with local organic kombu / seaweed, makes the famous Pingtan (geographic) branded Abalone and Mussel (fresh and dried) with top grade taste and nutrition. The annual output is about 1 billion Abalone and same level of mussel.

2.    Dried fish / powder,
Great part of summer local fishing produced are being made dried-fish for better tasting or just since the huge output, some of them will be fine-milling into powder for elderly and infant for better digest and nutrition, or part of the ingredient for seafood tasted instant noodle, snacks, etc.

3.    Global fishing supply chains,
With the local capital and technology supporting and enjoy partial fuel reimbursement from local authority, we have invested and partnership with some local global fishing companies to ensure our full-seasons supplying. 

4.    State-to-state trading auspice, 
Over the years, we have worked with some state-owned entities who have received auspices to import seafood mostly from Africa and ASEAN, enjoyed the best price /cost and thus can give our client with even below their-normal-cost products.

We have feasible and flexible cooperative ways covering full or any step of import /export, production / processing, clod storing, and any way you mentioned. Contact us for details.

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