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The China dominant company for international seafood import / export / processing / cold storing, and more.



         One of the pioneer in seafood           processing industry holding

         investment in international               fishing  and aquaculture








Thanks to the rich industry knowledge and long-lasting investment in supply chain, global and local, Chuanhai holds a great position in the competitive seafood market....


The huge capture from local fishing companies operated in the Pacific and other oceans, and booming investment, has positioned Fujian the top 1 province in seafood export for years.... 


             APR 21,2017

About - ChuanHai group

The dominant China frozen seafood importer /exporter for yellowtail amberjack fillet,pike conger fillet,giant squid fillet, mullet roe and fillet, shrimps and prawns

Established in 2003 with HQ in the capital area of seafood-rich province-Fuqing (Fuzhou),Fujian, ChuanHai Group, is a vertical supply-chain with integrated global fishing ,aquaculture, seafood processing , cold storage, import /export and local bulk wholesale. Invested in international fishing company and local aquaculture industry, enforce our supplying source with the backing up by one of the Asia biggest seafood trading centre in tens of minutes driving distance.
There are two factories (Chuanhai, Haiheng) and one trading company (Xianghe) under the group of company.We have more than 10K sqm production area and 12K tones cold storing-volume. The up-to date facilities and equipment help us to uphold the highest hygiene standard and safety level for all output products, and makes us the major China supplier and exporter for dagger-tooth pike conger fillet and section, local abalone, frozen giant squid tentacles,yellowtail amberjack fillet and section, giant squid tubes,giant squid fillet,frozen mullet roe / Karasumi, mullet fillet and fats (for Taiwan and Japan market), giant squid in rings and flowers, processed shrimps and prawns, and many species fish fillet in clients’ requirement for majority Asia market.
The deep knowledge of the industry, competent professionals, modern and technologically adjusted facilities, are some of the features that allow us to ensure the highest quality, accurate and effective seafood processing and supplying from China.
We keep lowest profit margin to gain wider market coverage. Make us your factory in China to boost your market advantage. We have feasible and flexible cooperative ways covering full or any step of import /export, production / processing, clod storing, and any way you mentioned.

Please visit the details in representative pages below:

      China seafood exporter resource                                     

      China abalone and mussel supplier / exporter

      China yellowtail amberjack fillet supplier / exporter

      China dagger-tooth pike conger fillet supplier / exporter

      China giant squid tentacle N fillet supplier / exporter

      China mullet roe,fats N fillet supplier / factory / exporter

      China processed shrimp / fillet supplier / exporter

Or Chinese version:



      中国鲻鱼籽、鱼片加工厂/ 出口商

      中国日本鰤鱼(黄甘)鱼片/鱼段加工厂/ 出口商

      中国海鳗鱼片/鱼段加工厂/ 出口商


      中国巨型鱿鱼圈/须/筒/花加工厂/ 出口商

      中国对虾/冷冻鱼片、鱼段加工厂/ 出口商  

Please Contact us for China frozen seafood import & export business.

China giant squid tentacle,tubes,rings supplier and exporter
China giant squid tentacle,tubes,rings supplier and exporter
China frozen seafood factory, supplier and exporter
China frozen seafood factory, supplier and exporter
China amberjack fillet factory, supplier and exporter
China frozen seafood factory, supplier and exporter
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